Wednesday, May 03, 2006


So, there was this 4-day sale at SM and I blew a lot of my saved bucks for, well, very very important stuff.

I bought this denim schoolgirl skirt that, what, only cost P225 pesos and another floral one for P200. I got two ballet flats that cost P130 pesos EACH. I almost went crazy when the guy who was at the Prima Donna storefront told me how much they cost. They're the classic kinds of ballet flats, before fancy bric-a-brac started to adorn them. Anyway. Gold and fuchsia. Cool!

But those weren't exactly what drove me almost mad with, well, joy. I went to Booksale and started my usual haunt (I used to go to Diplomat, but the prices are a bit steeper than Booksale's and besides, I already have a lot of what they're still selling). So, I just scanned the racks of books when, lo and behold, my eyes dropped on a red cover and pulled out the interesting object. Guess what?

The Vampire Lestat, by Anne Rice. And that's not the best thing, really. Normally books by bestselling authors cost about 95-above, but this one (probably mispriced) cost only SIXTY PESOS. Obviously, I am really elated. Books make me happy. Really.

Anyway, I was supposed to leave the shop because I've had my find, but something told me to look some more. I scanned the books some more and found a really thick one. I checked the cover and lo, it was Battlefield Earth by L.Ron Hubbard. Holy kamote, 35 pesos lang! Wah! Wahw! I've been wanting to read it for a long time, but I could not find a copy. A cheap enough copy. And I've finally got one.

My materialistic impulses have once again gotten the best of and for me.


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