Saturday, June 10, 2006


My dadi practically ordered me to get fat! He said I’m underweight. My tattle mumi told him that I weigh 108 lbs at 5’3”---which technically makes him right. Those BMI guys should’ve taken account of flabs that aren’t supposed to be there and clothes that stopped fitting. Society does not care if your body mass index is below 25; they judge you by the way your belly juts our of your tres chic jeans! To hell with BMI
Enrollment wasn’t the hassle it used to be. Not a lot of people turned up for it, at least, not quite the number they used to swarm in. They’re probably going to rally numbers for the late reg. Anyway, the lines yesterday were not as long. I remember the enrollment for last year’s second sem where the line for paying tuition covered almost the whole of the parking lot of the university registrar.

Anyway, I’m enrolled. My schedule is not so bad---four days of the week I spend are half-day classes. I have to be there by 7am though, except on Mondays and Wednesdays. Humanities I should serve as an incentive to wake up early. I hope.
I’m reading William Makepeace Thackeray’s Vanity Fair. I’ve gotten it about two years ago but I didn’t finish it. Now is the perfect time. I guess I’m vain enough to understand Becky Sharp and Thackeray’s insinuations. Two years ago, I didn’t have the literary depth to be able to. (Yabang)
I’m back to composing. I dunno why I got the inspiration again…but definitely, the songs are not happy. I can’t make them happy. Is that something to be said about my feelings at the moment? Not good.
I have to clean my room. All the school stuff I’ve hoarded for the past two months or so are lying around somewhere or other. The clothes I’ve squirreled away are lost somewhere in my mumi’s closet; they couldn’t fit in mine anymore. Sigh. Tis a monumental work, a whole day’s work to clean up my mess.


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