Monday, August 07, 2006


Wee. Finally got myself an org. Or an org finally got myself. Or an org and myself finally got each other. Er. Whichever the case is, I finally got myself an org.

Yesterday was the grueling final rites day. Of course whatever happened inside NEDA is top secret, but if you’ve done CAT, the equivalent for it would be the initiation rites. And I hated CAT, so.

But yesterday was fun! I guess it would be safe to divulge the fact that as a getting-to-know-you activity, we made a (?) play. Koreanovela Boy was the star of the show. (Short biography: Koreanovela Boy is Betch’s Hum 1 classmate who keeps citing this Korean soap, Irene, whenever he recites). Day, ang bading! I think he’s the gayest guy I’ve ever met. Gayer than Reighben. Shit, gayer than Mikee. That’s saying something.

Just a summary: Jasmine (played by Koreanovela Boy) from the Koreanovela soap My Girl fell into a river. Then, Kapitan (a charming BehSci student, Roj) from Jewel in the Palace saved her. Then Freyja called Jasmine back to ABS-CBN, where she met her love interest, Julian (played be me). Nyanyanyanyah. Haring Jung-jong (Kiko, BehSci) was sick so he needed an entertainer…voila! Jasmine did a sleazy dance for him. Julian comes along to take her away, but Jung-jong was bisexual, so he asked Julian to perform too. Well, Jasmine and Julian fell in love which made the King mad. He asked his soldiers to take them away. Enter Jasmine’s Lolo, Chairman (Kenny, an energetic guy from Nursing) in a wheelchair, to save his apo. A scuffle ensued, to the tune of the Captain Barbel theme song, and it ended with everyone dying.

Whoot. That is so not a summary. The whole thing was the impromptu-est thing I’ve done so far. But it’s undeniably one of the funniest. =)

So now I’m finally a member of something formal. Now what could that possibly mean?


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