Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Discourse on the Prominent Display of Male and Female Unmentionables in National TV

After Encantadia and Darna, I have successfully become acquainted with Captain Barbel and Majika. Majika, I have completely given up on. The heights of stupidity it's characters have stooped down to are unbeatable. Even Darna was about .0000001 % less stupid than Sabina.
Juno: Mamamatay ka na!
Sabina: Wag mong gawin sa akin to, maawa ka na sa akin! (dear, you have a wand)
Juno: Gagamitan kita ng itim na majika! (gathers up energy with her wand as her boobs are prominently displayed)
Sabina: Huwag! (use your fucking wand!)
Juno: Etong para sayo!
Sabina: (stares in fake fear as her boobs jiggle) Ahhhhhhh!
Sabina: (boobs theatrically die)
Captain Barbel is not so bad. The plot makes a little sense, at least. His costume doesn't look so bad, except for that distracting bulge somewhere in the regions of...well. Suffice it to say that a guy dressed up in the traditional colors of Ronald McDonald ought to be a hit. Never mind if he's mestizo though his parents have a healthy Bora tan. Never mind if people do not recognize him even though he wears no mask. Never mind a lot of things, because he's Richard Gutierrez and all sexes swoon over him and not for you. Or me.


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