Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Puffy Eyes+Extra Pound= Death

Nah. Death is too strong a word.
Anyway, the past week has been the most hectic week i have ever had the misfortune to live through. There were three major tests, two of which are from the subjects I find hard: Biology and Math. Hard is an understatement for Math. I absolutely suck at it, and no matter how much studying i do, numbers never come to me as it comes to some of you.
Oh well.
There's a paper tomorrow, and it has to be eight pages. Good. I've got the material for at least half of it---maybe more. Its a research paper about tv commercials and im ranting. Spare you. Im awake since 12.30 and its 3 am. Dont mind me.
i shudder to think about the coming finals. Iam not in danger of failing anything----except math. its not even a danger. its a certainty of failing it. i think ill start studying before photocopied papers start flying at my face and makes me see nothing and oblivion clutches me by the ankles and trips me and makes me break my glasses. i have no time to have my glsses fixed. darn.

Now that, is incoherence.


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