Saturday, February 11, 2006

Luluhod and Langit at Lupa

We watched the Hale, Hilera, Urban Dub and Sugarfree campus tour yesterday. Since there were only limited tickets, there wasnt that much people to take a jump off stage even if the singers wanted to.
Anyway, a blockmate of mine, Pj, and his band Ice and Nails did the front act. There was absolutely no problem about the lead, the base, and the drums. Pj can wield his guitar and rock! I dont believe I will be ever saying this, but he can rival Chito Miranda when it comes to using those fingers.
The problem is...I cant understand anything he's singing. I think the lead singer couldnt make it so Pj did the stint. The people around me were not moved. Non-musicians (which I think most of them are) often look for the image more, a nice beat and melody less. Pj and his band has yet to cultivate the image so I guess the people couldnt appreciate their genius.
There was even a gay guy who kept shouting behind me that they should stop singing because theyre not cute. Oh, yeah, of course he wants to see Champ for chrissakes, but i cant help but marvel at his/her/its sheer moronity at not being able to understand just how much musicality Pj is pouring forth. *scowl* Hes not making pa-cute when he turns around with his guitar, bends over, frowns in sheer concentration--- you know what thats called? Being moved by the beat. Duh.
Anyway, the next band to play was Hale. Wow, he was in the mood. I watched an MTV of his and he looked so bored, even though he was performing live. Anyway, chinito to the bones as Champ is, Hale rocks! Of course. Their main drawing power though, is not the music---the music always comes second when the shining light of Champ visits all those who worship him. And the basist. I dont know his name but he looks as nice as Champ.
And...Hilera. I love their music but it made my head hurt.
Sugarfree! Ang galing! Jol is a Polsci 11 teacher in UPM. The other Polsci block got him as their professor. Aw. So near and yet so far. =( Hindi sila guwapo. Unlike Hale, their music comes first and not their looks. They empathize with the crowd through their music, and they also know how to talk to their listeners.
So yun lang.

PS bag bumagsak ako sa test sa psycho luluhod and langit at lupa


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