Saturday, February 04, 2006

So long and thanks for all the tish

I never had any illusions about anyone. I knew what they could and could not do. What I don't know, I will if I was interested. I also know what they want from me, and if I am willing to give it, I probably know what I want from them.
Symbiosis, hey.
I also never had any illusions about myself. I am cynical and manipulative. I am selfish and vain. I am not considerably better than anyone, but sometimes I indulge myself into believing that I am.
Ouch. But true.
How about you? What illusions do you have about yourself?
Do you think you're cool? Friendly? Popular? Nice? Smart? Unique?

Are you?

I've met a lot of people with heads not just above the clouds but also in their rectum. They hide inside that dark, dank place away from the shining light of the gleaming toilet. Their view of the world and of themselves is as narrow as that remarkable gateway of digested waste.
Are you one of them?

Oh, in case you ask, I am.


Anonymous marc said...

kasama mo ko dyan lizzie! i'm proud but ashamed at the same time! It's nice to know I'm not alone. ~satisfied grin~

6:52 PM  

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