Saturday, January 14, 2006


Aissa is very particular about the stuff she uses. When it comes to clothes, she will not shell out a hundred pesos for a shirt if she can get a better one for fifty bucks. When it comes to toiletries, she will not think twice to pay a third of a thousand for a bottle of shampoo.
Anyway, she is making this list just for the record. When she is 76 and wrinkly, she will definitely want and un-want other stuff: for one, she will not need a maxi pad by that time. Also, she won’t need a shine serum anymore; a bottle of hair dye is more realistic.
Hence, the list. It is hard to remember stuff.

5 Things Aissa Can Live Without

cell phone
personal computer
ice cream (alam ko Betch. Alam ko.)
tape measure

5 Things Without Which Aissa Cannot Continue Her Existence (besides food, shelter, and clothing)

Citre Shine (shampoo, conditioner, shine serum)
Dolfenal 250
MP3 player (an effective weapon against Love radio)
Modess Ultra Thins (ibagsak ang matabang pad! Ibagsak!)
Wrist watch (I get disoriented when I check the time and its not there)

So there. Just five. I don’t need a lot. (I got tired of referring to myself in the third person. Aissa IS a third person. Literally).
And…after making this, I feel really lucky. I mean, hey, how many people have the stuff they need (rather, want) and all the stuff they don’t need besides? So I thank all the powers that be, something that I think I should do more. Thank, I mean. So that when it’s all gone, no one can point at my face and spit: you shoulda’.
Thank more, I mean.


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