Monday, February 13, 2006

Random Cards

I've been going easy the last few days. As Betch made me realize, when the pressure is hot on me I absolutely do not feel it. But when I'm out of the pan, that's when I get fried. Weird.
Speaking of pressure. My mom bought a pressure cooker. As she does not have a natural propensity for patience or cooking, she loves her pressure cooker very much. As of now she is cooking leche flan. Oh, i shiver. The last time she attempted such a massive undertaking, the darned things turned into puto. Pero sabi nga nila, pag gutom ka papatol ka na.
What's Valentimes tomorrow. St. Valentines is more or less fictitious, but why the hell is he not the symbol of this esteemed occasion? Why is it some nude kid with curly, gold hair slinging around a very deadly weapon of mass destruction? I mean, if that kid Cupid's bow and arrows can make people fall in love, he can probably cause a world war. After all, Helen launched a thousand ships.
En medias res...I passed the PolSci test. By the light of mercy of Sir Ramota, I got 2.75. I know that's not a lot to be proud of, but it's the best I can do in conditions such as the one I am subjected to in PolSci 11 class. Sigh. The horror. But I got a 15 in the essay! Sir mentioned that he gave a perfect score to this student who defended the Cha-Cha, although he is teeth and nails against it. Considering that I am block mates with UP people who are hot for Gloria's blood (or just simply fine with the system and not the people),Cha-Cha people are not exactly in wide supply. I am a Cha-Cha person. Whee.
Soo...I'm still awake just so I can watch My Name is Kim Sam Soon. It looks interesting. As TV is filled by these wonderful women who looks like they eat only (yuckie) yogurt, a fat leading lady is a very refreshing boost to anyone's self-esteem. Besides, its the first time I've spotted a fat Korean lead star---its like, 'fat' and 'Korean' can't go in the same sentence. Until Kim Sam Soon. Even Jan Geum (is that right?), who is a cook, is thin.


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