Friday, March 10, 2006

Best Day Ever

My tea’s gone cold
I’m wondering why
I got out of bed at all

I woke up at 3 am yesterday so I can finish my research paper. I’ve already done four pages by then, and I only had to do four more and I’m off. There was no reason for me not to finish it by 7 am; four hours for four pages is actually too much time. But I didn’t finish it. Why? Imagine trying to complete a paper, not to mention doing anything, when you are sick and in pain and you have to stop every ten minutes. You have? Good if you did, better if you didn’t.

The morning rain
Clouds up my window
And I can’t see at all

I boarded a baby bus by 7.45 am, my chemically straightened hair still wet and horrible. By that time, I was already 15 minutes late for my removal exams in PE. Having the luck I had, I got stuck in traffic (still in Cavite, at that!) while going to the stop where the Manila buses let passengers board. So I ran all the way to that bus stop, with all the books, phlegm and pain I was carrying. Tragic. I got to the damn bus, where the strap of my favorite bag got stuck and broke. It was 8.15 when the bus left for Manila. I sat at the very back of the bus where six people (supposedly) sit in six seats. Unfortunately, the rule was broken. 3 grown, brawny men + 2 fat women + 1 nine-year old kid + 1 college moron late for an important exam= 7 sardines.

And even if I could
It’d all be grey
But your picture on my wall

I got to the PE building by 9.30 am, 30 minutes fucking late for the test. Okay. After the test, I discovered that I left the last four pages of my paper at home. So, I asked my mom to send the paper to my e-mail ad so I can just have it printed in a computer shop. That’s easy. Right? No. She’s computer illiterate. It was 11.30; the deadline for the paper was 12 noon. I (together with Cc---thank The Guy Up There) spent 30 minutes telling her how to copy-paste and send an e-mail. Until…the server failed. She couldn’t access the net. So I couldn’t get my paper. I was crying by that time. I was desperate. I was not thinking properly.12 noon came and went, along with 50% of my grade in Communications II. Whee.

Cc and I then decided to get the paper in Cavite, all hell be damned even if it was passed late. He reminded me that I will not fail the subject; that the worse I can get is an INC, where I have one year to complete the requirements for the subject. Okay…we can do this. He’s calm. He knows what to do.

It reminds me
That it’s not so bad
It’s not so bad

As we were boarding the bus, I got stuck in the doorway as the driver closed the bus door. Yehey,

It’s not so bad…

It was the worst day I have ever had in my entire 18 years of uneventful existence. How could something so awful happen to me? Me? Maybe it’s my past life catching up with me, or my present sins making their presence forcefully felt. Duh, it’s probably more of the latter. It was coming to me, anyway.

But…I couldn’t have taken it if it weren’t for Cc who was there for me all the way. He even missed two classes just to help me. Thanks so much. So much. What will I ever do without you?

And I
Want to thank you
For giving me the best day of my life
And oh
Just to be with you
Is giving me the best day
Of my life


Blogger marX said...


10:44 AM  
Blogger lizette said...

hahahahaha! ano kaya yung wink?

12:30 PM  
Anonymous andy dandy said...

omg! if that ever happened to me ill cry for the rest of the day and wish for the deatheater to just arrive as soon as possible and just suck my soul out.

sweet. :)

7:44 AM  

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