Friday, August 26, 2005

A Piece Of The Sky

I sometimes get the urge to be autistic. You know, to sit alone and get lost in my mp3 files. Usually I’m in my comfy chair in front of the computer. Sometimes I’m in my snug bed or in the windy terrace with Bogart.
Right now though, I’m not.
I am in a monobloc chair in a humble house in Payatas. Here, looking at a piece of the sky framed by barbed wire and yero roofs.
The community called Waterhall is in danger of being demolished. A Wilma Villote, president of an organization called Kapit Bisig, presented the papers for the demolition order. The people, with the help of crooked lawyers, lost the case they filed against the order.
The worst part though, is that the government does not have any relocation plan for the dispossessed.
I wonder. How many more injustices like this before the spark of a revolution ignites in the country? How many more suffering do the masses have to face before they say ‘tama na’ and solidly unite against the system? How many more sacrifices from both sides of the fence before compromise is reached?
The Waterhall situation is not a unique one. There are many other cries for equality and equal opportunity. Nothing is happening though, but a slow degeneration of conditions in the Philippines.
From the people of Payatas, I understand how hard it is to ask for a piece of the sky.
What I don’t get is why it’s so hard to give it.

Greed on the part of private developers?
Or ignorance from the side of the people?


Blogger 2nd_Guesser said...

ang tao ay isinilang para mamatay.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Kristoffer said...

kung ganun pala e di patayin na natin lahat ng tao!^^

10:54 PM  

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