Monday, October 03, 2005


Nothing is right these days. Your hair is a conglomeration of barbed wire, or your face is erupting with the disease called ‘acne’, or The Meaning of Your Existence treats you like dung. Or maybe your waistline is having a mind of its own and is choosing to gain twice its former circumference.
If it’s all of the above, my friend, your life certifiably sucks.
So here enters Neverland. It is a place where all your worries are blown away by Tinkerbell’s magic dust. You don’t worry about your love life because you now do not care. You spend your mornings flying above azure clouds, your afternoons napping under cool coconut trees, and your evenings sharing campfire stories. You never grow old, you never get sick physically and emotionally, you never had to waste a single grey cell on Calculus and Trigonometry and other such gibberish, you never, you never…

How nice it would be to spend forever having never to go through the unpleasant things in life. How great it would be to live simply, away from society’s expectations and constant pressure to be who you aren’t. How grand it would be to be away, just away, from everything you know and secretly hate…

Reality check, though.
If ‘never’ never happens in Neverland, that what happens? Nothing is supposed to change, for you never grow old and never learn more than what you already know. You’ll be forever trapped in a place doing the perfect things and having the perfect life everyday. It then turns into another kind of prison, worse than you are in now for there you cannot complain except for an empty place in your heart where ‘reality’ used to reside.

It’s a nice place to dream about. It’s not heaven, because all you need would not be there, like a toothbrush or something. It’s not hell, either, since you wouldn’t be burning in a Lake of Fire for the rest of eternity. It would be the worst kind of purgatory, knowing heaven and hell, yet suspended in unreality between the two worlds you used to have in measured doses.


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